RTSync-ACIMS team offers services as

developers of DEVS technology applied to interoperability testing and related simulation modeling.
providers of consulting and professional expertise in deployment of this DoD award-winning technology.

RTSync-ACIMS team is unique in offering world-class expertise and unmatched development skills for deploying DEVS-based technology in interoperability testing  and simulation modeling. 

ACIMS director, Dr. Bernard Zeigler is the pioneer developer of the DEVS (Discrete Event Systems Specification) concept and the leader behind its implementation in advanced software technology environments. He was the architect of the DoD award-wining DEVS-based Automated Test Case Generator (ATC-Gen) that has been adopted as core technology by the JITC for Link-16 and future net-centric conformance interoperability testing.

RTSync President, Dr. Doohwan Kim is the lead manager for the development of DEVS-based modeling and simulation environments for JITC in the areas of global communication systems, Net-centric enterprise services testing and evaluation, ontology-based data engineering.

In its unique position as an ACIMS spinoff as well as a subcontractor to JITC, RTSync is the only consulting service organization that can offer ready contractual access to professionals who are uniquely trained in DEVS-based automated interoperability testing and global communication modeling and simulation environments.

Our current projects for JITC in Fort Huachuca, AZ include

Automating Standards Conformance Testing applied to Link-16 Tactical Data Link Standard
M&S of Air Force SCOPE (System Capable of Planned Expansion) Command HF Global Communications System
Testing of DISA's (Defense Information Systems Agency) NCES (Network-Centric Enterprise Services) 
Characterization and Harmonization of NGA (National GeoSpatial-Intelligence Agency)