RTSync Corporation develops advanced modeling and simulation ("M&S") methodology and software environments and provides consulting services for complex systems analysis, test, and evaluation for government and industry. Our experience spans from M&S of military standards test and evaluation methodology to enterprise business planning simulation.

In addition, our team's talents are ideal for handling the modern day computing challenges that range from real time data analysis to constructive modeling and simulation. The company was founded in 2002 with the mission of designing, developing and providing advanced M&S solutions for highly complex real world information science and engineering problems.

RTSync is a commercial spin-off of ACIMS(Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling and Simulation at the University of Arizona and Arizona Statue University). It operates as a consulting firm based in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. RTSync-ACIMS team offer sole source services as developers of DEVS technology applied to interoperability testing and related simulation modeling, and providers of professional expertise in deployment of this DoD award-winning technology.

Our staff has many years of experience from academic and commercial R&D environments and includes individuals who have received awards in recognition of their outstanding ideas and expert knowledge in M&S technology. The company is devoted to its long-range commitment to the development of high quality, world-class applications and solutions--and unrivaled customer support.

Modeling and Simulation


DEVS(Discrete-Event Systems Specification) technology applied to interoperability testing and related M&S
Consulting and professional expertise in M&S solutions for military and industrial customers

Education & Training

RTSync provides tailored M&S education program and consulting programs.
Advanced Modeling and Simulation courses
DEVS-HLA education program
DEVS-TENA education program