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Systems Engineer for DEVS M&S development

Job Description

This is a full-time position to provide Modeling and Simulation Development and Systems engineering service at Rockville, MD in support of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) project. Sponsored by the Infrastructure and Geophysical Division (IGD) within the Science and Technology Division of DHS, the web-based system will enable analysts to rapidly predict the consequences of disruptive events on national critical infrastructures and resources as well as the propagating effects of these events. Eighteen critical infrastructures have been identified such as power systems, water resources, fuel supplies, transportation systems and emergency response capabilities. Disruptions to one may impact others in a cascading domino process with complex feedbacks.

The contract's objectives include employing fundamental modeling concepts and simulation technologies that will automate this process through a suite of web services coordinated in a service-oriented architecture. To support "on-the fly" synthesis, advanced artificial intelligence (AI) planning techniques will generate complex interactive model composition plans that can be monitored during execution and adjusted to meet the timelines available for emergency response. The task is to work with a team of universities researchers, DHS customers across the US, and prime contractor company to develop and integrate advanced modeling and simulation technology.

The Candidate will serve as a Systems Development Engineer by support to the task through researching the web service system requirements and solutions for DHS customers. Candidate will participate in various teleconference and onsite meetings with customers and review preliminary project requirements documents, In Progress Reviews (IPRs), and attend working groups meeting. The Candidate will provide task support in researching, developing, testing, and integrating modeling and simulation environments to support RAID (Rapid Assessment on Infrastructure of Disruptions) system. Travel may be required in support of the task; travel may be 10 or more trips a year with each trip lasting one week or less. The Candidate will be expected to work a normal 40-hour week.

Job Qualifications

Master's degree in a related field with 2 years experience is required. The Candidate will have an excellent ability to interact in a positive manner with the government customers, as well as team members and other personnel. Must have excellent communication (verbal and written) skills, and must be able to use a PC, MS Office applications; and to multi-task analytical, critical thinking, listening, and organizational skills. Must have strong hands-on experience with Java programming and Discrete-Event Systems Specification (DEVS) modeling and simulation knowledge. The Candidate should have knowledge and experience in SOA / cluster computing environment, operating systems, and large scale scientific and engineering algorithms and codes.

The Candidate must be able to travel. A good understanding of computationally intensive problems with computer science and engineering background is preferred.

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