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2013-03-24 15:25:50

Enhancement of Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) Level Simulation Operations Through Multi-core Processing

The RTSync team wins the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Science and Technology Transfer (STTR) Phase 1 contract in 2013. RTSync examines innovative approaches and technologies that can be used to evaluate legacy models and simulations, determine the feasibility of porting them to multi-core simulation environments, and enable the legacy model capabilities to efficiently execute in such multi-core environments. Based on our long experience with formal, DEVS-based approaches to practical simulators, we employ DEVS Simulator architectures to support highly parallel, large-scale multi-core execution of composed models that are of interest to MDA. The extensive DEVS theory will allow us to formulate methods for mapping legacy compositions into such Simulator platforms, as well as to predict the limits of legacy performance. This will enable MDA to determine objectively whether trying to compose a set of legacy simulations is worthwhile, or whether it is better to refactor/reengineer legacy simulations for multi-core execution. The goal is to develop commercial application tools that support Defense/Aerospace and Automotive firms relying on large portfolios of legacy modeling and simulation.