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2014-07-27 09:31:50

SpringSim 2014 TMS/DEVS Best Paper : Expanding DEVS and SES Applicability: Using M&S Kernels within IT Systems

In this paper, we show how the SES construction, pruning, and model generation process, can support a web-based system for personal wellness planning and self-management. Our focus is on the process by which modeling and simulation kernels are integrated within other layers of a web-application. The System Entity Structure (SES), Pruned Entity Structures (PES), and libraries for pruning processes from the MS4 MeTM platform technology are used to implement the personal wellness plan web application. This paper discusses the approach taken to support user graphic and web service requirements to for interfaces to the embedded SES/PES kernels. We conclude with a discussion of how this example generalizes to integration of Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) and SES with information technology systems thus increasing their applicability within such systems.

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