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2011-04-04 01:57:25

The Second International Bernard P. Zeigler DEVS Modeling & Simulation Award

In recognition of the 41st anniversary of the DEVS framework which was invented by Prof. Bernard P. Zeigler, this DEVS M&S Award is announced by RTSync Corp. The award recognizes high-impact innovations in modeling and simulation methods, applications, and tools. The Award promotes advances in all facets of DEVS that lead to novel solutions for commercial and government use.


The Award has two tracks, (i) research & development and (ii) commercial products & services. Contributions in the DEVS framework research, applications, and tools are welcome in existing and emerging complex problem domains including, but not limited to, enterprise computing, information sciences, engineering, and their cross sections.


Winners will be announced at the 2011 DEVS Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts and at the RTSync and ACIMS websites on March 1st, 2011. Each winner will be awarded $10,000 in cash prize (US dollars), respectively.


RTSync will form an award evaluation committee with independent members who are DEVS Symposium organizers and experienced entrepreneurs. Each application will be reviewed and winners will be selected based on the application"s own merits. The two winners may be selected from both tracks or only one track.


You can apply for the competition using the form at Or you can request a Word document by sending email to


Deadline for Entries has been extended to Thursday, February 10, 2011 6 p.m. US Eastern Time.