The GenetSCOPE (Generic Network Model for Systems Capable of Planned Expansion) is an object-oriented discrete-event system modeling and simulation (M&S) environment to support simulation and analysis of voice and data communication scenarios for High Frequency Global Communication Systems (HFGCS). The application runs on Java™-based platforms, including both Windows and Linux and allows a user to model a wide range of HFGCS communications and connectivity operations through its own Graphic User Interfaces (GUI). GenetSCOPE has been developed not only to improve the implementation of original Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) protocol in its predecessor, NetSim 1, but to provide the advanced M&S framework, Discrete-Event System Specification (DEVS) for HF network models to be reusable and scaleable systematically by adding more complex functionalities and protocols throughout the future development cycle.

The earlier Netsim version (developed in 1997) was used to analyze any given scenario, whether of past or in future based on ICEPAC prediction data. The current version aims to take a quantum leap by providing the capabilities to not only analyze any scenario, but provide recommendation to re-design the SCOPE command itself. The underlying DEVS theoretical framework with its advanced features of real-time simulation visualization and ability to configure simulation on-the-fly gives the analyst the power to understand the impact of any design-parameter and how the system transitions to the new parameter-set in real-time without restarting the simulation. This aids in changing the corresponding parameter in the deployed SCOPE command system as the analyst can study the transition effects. This capability to study transition effects by changing the parameter set in real-simulation-time has been recently developed and is unique to the DEVS framework. DEVS with its power of Experimental Frame helps focus the top-level design issues like how many ground stations are best, how many internal levels are minimally needed, what is the capacity of the system or what is the threshold SNR that the system needs to continue to perform, optimally.

This current version of GenetScope 2 Build 1.9.0 has features of Mission Presets, Traffic generation and non-ALE Traffic engine. These features were not present in earlier versions of GenetScope and have been added to provide much needed support to HF Scope Command.