Distributed Timing Instrumentation (DTIE)

The Distributed Timing Instrumentation (DTIE) software automates the testing of the time required by distributed databases to synchronize data-changes amongst themselves. DTIE's capability for timing automation is needed to provide rigorous testing that is not feasible today. Additionally, DTIE will permit significantly increased test runs and will also eliminate the need to deploy testers to database enclaves at locations across the world. DTIE enables operational testers to:

  • Design database timing test cases automatically and then automatically generate User Emulators capable of executing the test cases
  • Deploy these User Emulators across the network to remote locations to update and query worldwide synchronizing databases to execute the test cases
  • Automatically capture, analyze and report on the timing measurements made by the User Emulators in executing the test cases

Based on the RTSync developed DEVS modeling and simulation/SOA infrastructure, DTIE integrates advanced modeling and simulation concepts web-service technologies to:

  • Coordinate User Emulators and obtain timing measurements from them
  • Calculate and report test results immediately on the end of the test
  • Monitor the health of the test network and alert the tester if the test should be ended