Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES)

Operational Testing Support

The JITC task is to develop and deploy a prototype  intelligent software agent  (ISA) to support instrumentation for one or more NCES core services that will be tested in Developmental Testing, Operation Analysis and IOT&E that is supported by a core service WSDL. RTSync team supports the OA and IOT&E analyst with data collected using the  ISA in a format usable by the analyst and Configuration Management on documentation, instrumentation, software and data.
During the preceded task, the team defined the requirements for modeling and simulation applications to developmental and operational testing of NCES implementations over the Global Information Grid to help JITC acquire the instrumentation needed to meet the requirements for testing with a framework that is based on the implementation of the Discrete Event Systems Specification (DEVS) formalism employing  the Service Oriented Architecture for web services.  The approach taken to achieve the flexibility required to serve as both a testing and model validation infrastructure are ;

a) the infrastructure should be based on the service oriented architecture (SOA) and provide M&S services that can observe, and capture data from, real users engaged in real collaborative activities that would be required to conduct military missions of interest.  Constructed from such collected data, or as otherwise supplied by an external source such as DISA, virtual user models can be tested for validity according to the procedure for model validation.

b) the infrastructure is required to operate in a pure simulation mode in which simulated user models behave and interact according to the rules embedded within them.  Sufficiently validated user models can be replicated in large numbers and play together with small numbers of real participants in real-time to emulate a scaled up version of the collaboration services implemented in NCES.