Net-Centric Test Agent Capability (NTAC)

The RTSync team developed the Net-Centric Test Agent Capability (NTAC), a software architecture that automates generation of client agents the multilevel test observer agents that perform difficult and costly realistic operational testing. NTAC enables operational testers to:

  • Design specific test work flow scenarios for interacting with web services with drag and drop functions in Agent-based Test Instrumentation Infrastructure (ATII) GUI
  • Automatically generate test agents distributed to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) testing environment
  • Deploy these agents to monitor three level information (Syntactic, Semantic, and Pragmatic information) over a enterprise network
  • Configure agents to measure operational mission success

Based on the discrete event modeling and simulation/SOA infrastructure (DEVS/SOA), NTAC integrates advanced modeling and simulation concepts within state-of-the-art web-service technologies to:

  • Coordinate and exchange information among agents
  • Provide real-time response to queries for test results
  • Implement mission threads using live and virtual users
  • Evaluate timing, semantics, and success of information exchanges

The initial implementation demonstrated Mission Thread Testing in complex net-centric environment. NTAC can improve your organization's enterprise test architecture.
Based on the capability of distribution environment (DEVS/SOA), NTAC can provide innovative SOA testing unlike current commercial SOA testing tools.

  • Load testing and regression testing in multiple locations through the DEVS/SOA environment
  • Work flow scenarios tested on the distribution environment