PathwaySim is a revolutionary IT platform that provides coordination layer to orchestrate provider services and team-based care delivery for best Patient’s health outcomes.

Healthcare Services require workflow processes and steps that involve providers interaction and require effective coordination to work. Common goals for healthcare and other provider organizations include; 1) monitoring, tracking, and optimizing workflow processes to save time and resources 2) detecting and eliminating bottlenecks or delays in the process value chain 3) improving communication and coordination among process participants providing each the data they need to make their decisions. To help your healthcare provider organization achieve these goals, PathwaySim offers a revolutionary IT platform and support services. With PathwaySim you can tailor a workflow process optimization system to your specific needs using less than 30% of conventional IT cost and resources.

Quickly transform your Care Coordination workflow process diagrams into an operational web-based system with PathwaySim services

With conventional workflow process diagrams, organizations mobilize their IT teams to design and implement these processes. This starts to optimize the processes for better performance. But it takes usually weeks of planning, design, and implementation to develop a prototype of such system. RTSync’s PathwaySim services offer transformation of your business workflow process diagram into an operational web-based implementation with low overhead and short development time.

How PathwaySim for Care Coordination works

PathwaySim provides event-based control mechanisms that orchestrate activities of disparate actors to achieve your organizational goals. A Pathway is a sequence of steps that can check for sub-goal achievement in real-time and progress from step to step only upon confirming such achievement. PathwaySim coordinates actions among multiple participants while measuring, tracking and monitoring individual progress. PathwaySim collects and aggregates data to provide analytics for overall process supervision and management.

To transform workflow process into working web services, you implement the following PathwaySim steps;

  • Enter specific information on care coordination workflow participants
  • Generate workflow pathway instances
  • The configuration creates service pathway instances from a service pathway repository
  • Start service pathway instances
  • The pathway instances interact with participants through web pages and email