Predictive Analytics


Simulation-Based Predictions

Businesses and other organizations are continuously planning for current and future opportunities and challenges.
Reliable prediction of plan outcomes is critical to support such decision making.

RTSync helps businesses and organizations make better predictions and smarter decisions by providing advanced simulation-based predictive analytics capabilities.

With simulation-based learning capabilities to find potential areas of interest, RTSync Predictive Analytics and machine learning products help strategists and managers make smarter decisions in real-time.

Real Time Simulation Based Predictive Analytics (RTSimPA)

RTSimPA technology in Healthcare is intended to introduce simulation-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive analytics to augment and exploit the extensive data collection facilitated by emerging Public Health Information Networks (PHINs).

The RTSimPA tool is currently being integrated for Prince George’s County, MD to support decision making of resource allocations for public health disease management programs funded by CDC such as COVID Care Program and Population-based Vaccination Tracking and Efficacy Assessment (PVac).

RTSimPA’s Pvac application for DoD war-fighters and personnel are being demonstrated at the Air Force Healthcare Agencies.