Test and Evaluation


Testing and Evaluation Applications

The RTSync Team demonstrated the effectiveness of Modeling & Simulation (M&S) based approach in joint testing and evaluation process by saving time and money resources for the government and industry customers.

RTSync team supported the Joint Interoperability Test Command by conducting the following types of tests by employing its unique M&S-based system engineering capability.

Joint Interoperability

Performance Assessment in Operational Environments

Standards Validation and Conformance

RTSync helped JITC employ a variety of M&S based system engineering methodologies and tools that provide its analysts the ability to evaluate C4ISR system performance in both the lab and live environments.

Automated Test Case Generator (ATC-Gen)

ATC-Gen is a software toolset that automates Standards Conformance Testing applied to Link-16 Tactical Data Link Standard, which is innovating and automating standards conformance testing at the JITC.

The software captures MILSTD 6016 rule sets in an unambiguous operational manner.

This model includes all the behaviors in the MILSTD and forms the basis for subsequent analysis, automation, and test case generation.

Test cases are defined as sequences, or paths through the standard that are then transformed as mirror images of the Link-16 rule-set baseline model.

Net-Centric Test Agent Capability (NTAC)

NTAC software automates many of the functions that are difficult and costly to perform in realistic operational testing.

NTAC enables operational testers to generate distributed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) test agents automatically.

Deploy these agents to monitor traffic over a nationwide network; configure agents to measure operational mission success.