MS4 Me


Discrete Event Systems Specification (DEVS) Modeling Environment

RTSync offers a systems-theory based approach to provide a robust theoretical foundation for its software tool support of M&S activities. The MS4 Me Integrated Development Environment (IDE), based on the Discrete Event System Specification (DEVS) formalism, is uniquely positioned among competitors to enable the technical underpinnings of the proposed technology. The MS4 Me IDE uses the Eclipse RCP framework to deliver an Eclipse IDE experience with which software programmers are familiar, and in which they are highly productive.

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Advantage of DEVS approaches and MS4 Me tool

Math System Theory Foundation – supporting application

Computational basis for System theory-based simulation

Closure under coupling, universality, uniqueness, relation to other formalisms

Hierarchical Model Construction supports SoS development

DEVS simulation protocol assures correctness of model execution/time management

Supports Hybrid-(Cyber-physical) System modeling

In Application to Systems of Systems (SoS)

Models, Simulators and Experimental Frames are distinct entities

Precise and well-defined mathematical representation

Fosters reusable model/experiment components in repositories

Event-based execution offers efficiency advantages

DEVS software deployed on multiple single/distributed computing platforms

Software (DEVS Integrated Development Environment)

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